Shadow Stalkers
                        D.A.S. The next generation.
The Shadow Stalkers would like to thank
First off we would like to thank everybody that hit
our site. Weather you liked us or hated us you
always gave us great mail and killer stories to tell.
Right off the bat I would like to thank Davie
double D and J-Rue for that first trip to the state
in 1995. The day the D.A.S. started. I would also
like to thank G.U.S.E.S. and Tindalos for all the
help they provided. We would also like to thank
JINX for one hell of  a run on there message
We would also like to thank W.p.C. for the hours of
fun they provided us with. And for giving us there
name. I would like to thank certain members of the
movie troop that was there for letting us get some
time to snap photo's that was the best gift of all. We
would like to thank A.S.A. security for always being
asleep on the job. And finally we would like to thank
The Mass State Police for finally retiring that
DEATH TRAP from killing some weekend Urban
Explorer. For this we all own them thanks
Danvers State Hosp.    
Well its the end my friend my friend. The D.A.S. has official closed up shop ..It was
time for everyone to sprout wings and do there own thing. T-Bow has moved on to
building SuperSwamper trucks and jeeps, Ricky Lee Packed up everything and
moved far far away ...J-Rue is now a rap recording artist working on the Dirt
Digglah Albums...  Davie Double D lost his " inside " position but is still involved in
Urban Exploring just not on the level he once was .Phillup Blunts has joined the
Military to kick some arab ass.  King Cobra Moved Back to PA.  Lagernagan has
become homeless.... loooong story ... and i really see very little of him ... then there
is smokey dope ..... he still fights for the cause and is still active in urban exploring
.... he still to this day goes to Danvers State Hospital and looks around..... then that
leaves me ... Clarence Bonner... Well these days i go by the name DJ Paradox and
have started up a recording studio .... while urban Exploring is still in my blood
People like Jinx and have ruined the fun of it all .. I got into UE
as a hobbie with no rules... soon i found out that even doing something lawless has
rules... and i just dont feel like abiding by those rules... Danvers State Hospital will
always be a huge part of me but now its time to move on .. Its been a hell of a run
guys and i wanted to take the time to thank everyone in my UE crew... without  all
of you the D.A.S. could have never flourished like it did ... and a Special Thanks to
Davie Double D for getting me Bitten by the UE bug.
Rest in Peace my old friend .. We had many a fun night .. you showed me a
world I had never seen before and maybe not again ... you open my eyes up
... and taught me to look beyond what is broken to find beauty .... You taught
me respect and gave my sense of adventure a much needed shot in the arm ...
but most of all you helped my friends and I have a good time and you brought
a group of friends even closer together... What ever your fate is DSH may the
memories of the Times the D.A.S. spent in there be everlasting..   DJ.Paradox