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Dirt Digglah and the D-Dubbz Crew.
**This page is dedicated to the memory of Dana " Little Deezy " Decowski. You may be gone but your Spirit and music will live on**
In celebration of the D-Dubbz crew 20 year anniversary we present ALL the D-Dubbs recording, side projects, and other rarities for FREE
download. All albums have been remastered for 20
21, and ALL the tracklists have been restored to their original order including all deleted songs
Da dickhead E.P.
Released 2000

From the reverbed up tone on " intro " to the thunder closing out "
Coochie Frito " Da Dickhead E.P. is sure to change the way you look
at home grown rap. Dirt Digglah is a long time party freestyler , DJ
Dijital is a dirty mothah. Together they present the melodious tones
of Da Dickhead EP.

1. Intro
2. Ghetto Bitch
3. Crime Rap
5. 2nd Nature
6. Coochie Frito

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Songs of love and fat girls
Released 2001

The second coming of Dirt Digglah, this time he's brought his crew.
Lil Deezy and J Roogah. This full length album includes Swedish
dance hit " This is all for the fat girls " From house party to house
party the D Dubbs crew has amazed and awed audiences, and
drank all their alcohol.

1. Intro                                                             
2. One too many
3. 2nd Nature
4. Crime rap
5. Ghetto Bitch ( Remix )
6. Afta Dahk
7. Jah mon
8.Lyrical combat
9. This is all for the fat girls
10. Yo bebe gun go
11. Slow down
12. Oiliest Grimeyest

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How We Do
Released 2002

How we do was the third and final D Dubbs disk recorded at Paradox Studios
as a group. They shed the altered voices but not the shady content. It
is what it was meant to be, The D Dubbs crew's swan song

1. They Comin'                                                            
2. What they sayin'
3. Eat my shit
4. Shits unknown to me
5. The Family
6. Lay your ass out flat
7. Chinatown
8. How High
9. Angry Producer
10. Whatchugonnado
11. Straight Rhymin
12. Dear Mr Bush
13. How we do

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Boston Stranglah
Released 2002

DDubbz crew member J Rooger's Solo album. Recorded in a drunken
smokey haze at paradox studio. This sadly ends the Ddubbz story, or does
it? Who knows never say never to new tracks!

1. Intro                                                           
2. Duns
3. Nine
4. Summah Time
5. Outro

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