Danvers Asylum
you got questions about danvers state hospital .. We got answers. We are the premeire asylum
spelunkers for Danvers State Hospital . We're looking for answers inside the D.S.H. with two areas of
unmarked graves we feel the need to sift through whats left at D.S.H. and get the answers..
If you want a bigger copy of the pictures drop me an email... All pictures taken by Cheebo
THE D.A.S. is  Herbal T ( of the s.B.c ), Davie Double D, J-Ruger (of the s.B.c) Smokey Dope, KC
and the sunshine bud, Lagernagan, Ricky Lee, Cheebo, and Phillip Bluntz.
To join the D.A.S. please drop us a line at Danversstatehospital at hotmail dot com we are looking for
answer and we hope you can help too......
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" I've seen alot in my life ... But nothing quite like Danvers State Hospital ... everytime i go up .. it
feels like a force pulls me back ... as if something is asking me to help .... there are hundreds of
unmarked graves and the answers lie within the crumbling remains of the Kirkbride bldg. We will
not let these people be forgotten...... "   ------ Herbal - T
We will find answers for these lost souls...
DanversstateHospital at Hotmail dot com